About SlideWiki

SlideWiki aims to exploit the wisdom, creativity and productivity of the crowd for the creation of qualitative, rich, engaging educational content. With SlideWiki users can create and collaborate on slides, diagrams, assessments and arrange this content in richly-structured course presentations.

SlideWiki empowers communities of educators to author, share and re-use sophisticated educational content in a truly collaborative way. Existing presentations can be imported and transformed into interactive courses using HTML and LaTeX. All content in SlideWiki is versioned thereby allowing users to revise, adapt and re-mix all content. Self-test questions can be attached to each individual slide and are aggregated on the presentation level into comprehensive self-assessment tests. Users can create their own presentation themes. SlideWiki supports the semi-automatic translation of courses in more than 50 languages, allowing synchronization of the content between the languages.

With SlideWiki we aim to make educational content dramatically more accessible, interactive, engaging and qualitative.

The final-release functionality of the SlideWiki platform will include, but not limited to:

  • Import existing slide decks from PowerPoint and OpenOffice formats.
  • WYSIWYG slide authoring
  • Create and edit decks collaborative with colleagues.
  • Support of social networking activities
  • Full revisioning and branching of slides and decks
  • Use tags and groups to collate content for a course.
  • Set up a Presentation Room to broadcast your slideshow.
  • Create inclusive slides and decks that will accessible to assistive technology users.

Features coming soon:

  • Multilingual decks / semi-automatic translation / synchronization of content between translated versions
  • E-Learning with self-assessment questionnaires
  • LaTeX/MathML integration
  • Content recommendation and personalization

SlideWiki is an open-source development project available on GitHub. You are free to use or adapt our source code (and in most cases the code of the third party libraries we use) to install your own version of SlideWiki for your organisation or on your website.

SlideWiki is an open-source platform, and all its content can be reused under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. SlideWiki is an open-source platform, and all its content can be reused under CC-BY license. SlideWiki development, large-scale trialsand underlying research is funded from Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under grant agreement no 688095. For more details, see SlideWiki EU project website