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1. Create a deck

Start creating your own slide deck by selecting the Add deck button.

Create a new deck or import existing slides from PowerPoint (*.pptx) or OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp) files. Your imported slides will be converted into HTML slides to allow you to continue to edit and add new slides.

Need more inspiration to make your own slides? Why not search or browse throughexisting SlideWiki decks.

2. Reuse, Repurpose and Collaborate

Want to enhance your decks? SlideWiki allows you to create your own slides based on decks that have been published on SlideWiki.

Create a copy of a deck
Use the Fork function to create your own copy of an existing deck.
Append slides and decks to your deck
Add slides from other decks using the Append function. Or Append a deck to embed a set of slides as a sub-deck.
Collaborate to improve your deck
Use Groups to allow colleagues, peers and associates to collaborate with editing and enhancing your deck.

3. Present, Share and Communicate

There are many ways that you and your students can engage and interact with slides and decks.

Use the Slideshow mode to view a deck as a slideshow. Includes a timer and speaker notes' view.
Share decks via social media or email.
Add Comments to decks and slides to interact with other learners.
Download decks in PDF, ePub or SCORM format.

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Find out more about SlideWiki's features and how it can be used to create, share and adapt slides, decks and open educational resources.

Find out about the SlideWiki project

SlideWiki is an open source development project, funded from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project involves 17 partners to develop, test and trial SlideWiki. To find out more or get involved visit the project webiste.

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